Chris Powell Diet Challenge Winners Revealed

“Chris Powell Diet Challenge Winners Revealed”
Hundreds of thousands have been inspired by TV Celebrity Transformation Specialists Chris Powell and Heidi Powell, but few ever have the chance to meet them in person or hear their diet secrets. For Vemma’s 12-Week Chris Powell Bod•e Challenge winners, however, that isn’t a far-fetched dream.

TEMPE, Ariz. – Hundreds of thousands have been inspired by TV Celebrity Transformation Specialists Chris Powell and Heidi Powell, but few ever have the chance to meet them in person or hear their diet secrets.

For Vemma’s 12-Week Chris Powell Bod•e® Challenge winners, however, that isn’t a far-fetched dream.

Since introducing the 12-Week Chris Powell Bod•e Challenge, thousands of pounds and inches have been lost by Vemma Customers and Affiliates thanks to Chris and Heidi Powell’s structured eating plan and approved “Powell Perfect” product formulation. The Bod•e line of products include daily, high-protein meal replacement shakes, and a cutting-edge protein and caffeine supplement featuring resveratrol, naturally-derived caffeine and EGCG, focused on powering up your fat-burning potential.* Plus, a high-tech, easy-to-follow mobile app helps weight loss and fitness hopefuls stick to their plan with recipes and daily video coaching from Chris and Heidi.

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Chris and Heidi recently chose four of the latest winners of the Bod•e Challenge and the results speak for themselves.

“We are so proud of each and every participant,” said Chris.

“We’re so humbled and honored to be part of this process to get to review and select the winners of this body transformation contest,” added Heidi. “This contest is proof that it just takes that first step and belief in yourself to create change.”

(Take a peek at their stunning transformations here.)

Top men’s category winner Peter Dorgai of Stamford, Connecticut lost 10% of his total body weight along with 11.5 inches.** When Peter came to the U.S. six years ago his active lifestyle slowed as he focused a lot of his time on work. At the start of 2015, Peter looked at himself and decided it was time for a change, which was his motivation to participate in the Chris Powell 12-Week Bod·? Challenge. “The program made everything easy and the products are delicious and truly the best,” says Peter. “I put my focus and priority on the workouts; I made every day count and did my best!”

Top women’s category winner Shelly Alemi of Trophy Club, Texas lost 17% of her total body weight along with 18 inches.** Shelly decided to start her journey towards a healthier lifestyle after having five kids and losing herself during the “mommy” stage of life. “I knew I needed to be part of something like a challenge to motivate me through it.” Shelly says her best motivation was seeing similar people at the gym trying to achieve the same goal – a healthy lifestyle – but without the Vemma Bod·e Transformation Plan. “I wanted to prove to them Bod·e worked.” Most days during the week, Shelly wakes by 4:30 a.m. to go to the gym a half hour away. Then, she returns home to get her kids off to school and start her day. Shelly says, “It’s good to be thin again!”

Men’s Individual Runner-Up Tim Byrd of Lake Saint Louis, Missouri wanted to lose 100 pounds and he achieved his goal during this second go-round of the Chris Powell 12-Week Bod•e Challenge.** “The entire program taught me that whether I accomplish my goal or not, it’s not the end of the world – it’s about a permanent lifestyle change for my long-term health and about not giving up.”

Women’s Individual Runner-Up Emily Tyler of Oxford, North Carolina now goes to Zumba four times a week and runs twice a week. In fact, she recently completed her first 5K run and finished in 44 minutes. “I had not run since high school.” Coworkers and church members ask Emily all the time about her weight loss. “I tell them I accomplished my weight loss with lots of support from friends and family.” And Emily’s not done yet. “I have had a great start to getting in better shape and eating healthy. Without a shadow of doubt, the challenge has helped changed my life for the better!”**

Top winners received an Apple iPhone 6 and an Apple Sport Watch. Runner up contestants received an Apple iPhone 6.

The next Chris Powell 12-Week Bod•e Challenge period is underway and will end August 9, 2015.

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