Arlington Neurosurgeon Introduces TV Show on Healthy Living

ARLINGTON, TEXAS – The new Dr. R. Show, hosted by Dr. Jacob Rosenstein, answers health questions in a weekly TV program covering medical issues with specialists in various fields of medicine. The show airs twice each weekend on KTXD in the Dallas/Fort Worth market, Saturday (first run) and Sunday (re-broadcast) at 12:30. The first season of The Dr. R Show runs for 13 weeks.

Jacob Rosenstein, M.D. is an accomplished neurosurgeon and owner of Southwest Age Intervention Institute in Arlington, Texas. The Dr. R Show goes in-depth on ailment analysis defining warning signs, offering advice on how return to and maintain exceptional physical condition, and sharing tips for healthy nutrition.

Each show will include interviews with Dr. Rosenstein and another physician. The guest physician’s specialty will differ each week including specialists in: prostate health (episode 1), sinusitis (ep. 2), circumcision (ep. 3), strokes (ep. 4), kidney stones (ep. 5), kidney cancer (ep. 6), chiropractic care (ep. 7), age management (ep. 8), Low T (ep. 9), colon health (ep. 10), heart disease (ep. 11), male sexual dysfunction (ep. 12) and prostate cancer (ep. 13).

“It all comes down to health span, which is the amount of time in one’s life where we are in optimal health. What we all want to avoid is the inevitable onset of frailty and feebleness, as we get older,” Dr. Rosenstein said. “There are certain things that can be corrected as we age. By focusing on what we can correct and influence, we can return our bodies to optimal health and extend our health span, improving quality of life well into the future.”

The Dr. R Show on KTXD can be found on AT&T: Channel 47, Charter: Channel 22/722 (HD), DirectTV: Channel 47, Verizon: Channel 18/518 (HD), DISH: Channel 47, Time Warner: Channel 24. Each episode will also be available for viewing at Beginning in September, The Dr. R TV Show will be available on Hulu and Amazon Prime. The Dr. R TV Show is a Greene HD Production. Greene HD, a pioneer in HDTV since 1995, has also produced Reality Rides and Select Destinations.

About Dr. Rosenstein and Southwest Age Intervention Institute

Dr. Rosenstein has been practicing medicine since he graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 1979, and he has focused on age intervention for the past decade. He’s a neurological surgeon who added age intervention to his practice a decade ago when he was 50 years old, as he found the need to meet the demands of his practice while battling the aging process.

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