Watch her journey as Chyna returns to U.S and be part of “The Reconstruction Of Chyna”

She has been called “The First Lady of Sports Entertainment”, has seen the extremes of life’s highs and lows. She has been role model for many people, proving that anything is possible with hard work and determination. Joan Marie Laurer a.k.a. “Chyna” is the epitome of rock solid will and inhumane strength. With her return to the nation that made her a star and then took everything away from her, director Eric Angra is set to make a documentary on her journey of return and her effort of finally finding peace and redemption — “The Reconstruction of Chyna”.

Reportedly, she will be followed all across the country to showcase her efforts of making a new beginning of her life in U.S. Chyna, born in a New York family with alcoholic and domestic issues, made her way to storming the world of Women wrestling. She broke all gender stereotypes and held many “firsts” and “only” of professional wrestling. She featured in number of magazine covers including “Playboy”, “Newsweek” etc. She has been on almost every talk show, worked in a few movies and earned fame beyond imagination.

While fame is the luxury that every celebrity has, the gender biasness is evident when it’s about our interest in them & the way they are treated, especially in tough times. Female celebrities are often judged more & treated punitively by the media & public for their actions. Their personal lives, crisis & actions are given more hype, mostly negative, than their work. Chyna got the same treatment.  

Her personal life went bitter. She was ostracized from WWE and her royalty checks were cut off. She started working in adult entertainment industry and got into alcohol addiction. Her negative public perception and her own mistakes made her struggle and leave U.S to start afresh in Japan. She had been teaching foreign language there. With her determination and strong will, slowly and steadily, she pulled her life back together.

Now with her return to U.S, she faces a tough task of rediscovering herself, finding peace and making a new beginning. The documentary will feature this new journey of hers. It will follow her throughout the country as she reconnects with her family, friends and fans.

Eric and team have started a kickstarter campaign to raise funds for making this documentary on the heartwarming return of Chyna. The funds will be used for interview process, licensing the film, travel expenses and overall post production. 

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