Smart Controls Solutions Comes as an Ultimate Solution for Industrial Automation and Control Mechanisms

Cambridgehsire, UK – 01 July, 2015 – Smart ControlSolutions was formed in 2003 and specializes in custom-made industrial automation and control mechanisms. The production team develops and builds systems for military and civilian sectors in diverse fields ranging from distribution, marine, fire safety, oil industry, automotive and civil engineering at both national as well as international level as well as other industries.

The company works in close collaboration with its clients from small orders to huge prototype systems and everything in between. The company excels in developing and building structured solutions. Ms. Shoobert from Smart Control said “We work as a close nit team on all of our projects. We work hard with manufactures to provide the best service possible and make alterations to fine tune products where appropriate.”

Smart Control Solutions has more than forty years of experience in industrial automation and control mechanisms. With regular investments being made in the use of technology and training, the company has been successful in securing and maintaining its position among emerging technologies. The control for hydraulic, containerized systems, environmental applications and the oil and gas industry are improving all of the time and Smart Control makes sure that they have the latest technology.

The company provides complete hydraulic services which includes supply, design, installation, maintenance and testing of hydraulic control solutions. The systems designed and manufactured are used for high risk and standard applications including wellheads, production systems and subsea. Smart Control designs and manufactures flushing units, test pumps and control panels which are widely used in water treatment, oil and gas and marine sectors.

The hydraulic control systems to be used in environmental applications are also designed, integrated, tested and maintained by Smart Control. The company designs and manufactures control and telemetry mechanisms, hydraulic cylinders and valves, valve position indication mechanisms and control cubicles. The manufacturing unit of the company also carries out extensive research on existing software components and products in order to make sure that the machinery used by its clients perfectly integrates with new software and control panels. Integration services include installation of control mechanisms and maintenance support. Design and manufacture of electrically powered RTUs or remote terminal units is also done.

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