New Airwheel Self-balancing Scooters Hit Market

Airwheel has finally released two revolutionary new products. The release conference, with the theme of fun and share, was successfully held on 18 June. Today, let’s get to know the two products.

Airwheel is a relatively young company in producing electric self-balancing scooters. But with continuous pursuit of technological breakthrough and concept innovation, the Airwheel products are sold worldwide. There is an increasing number of branch offices and distributors throughout the world. 

On Jun, 18th, the news conference with the theme of fun and share was successfully held. In the event, two powerful new products were released, S5 and A3.

Intelligent scooter S5 is an upgrade edition of the S series. It runs on a 680WH battery, with larger capacity and longer life than any previous edition. The wheel hub diameter is as long as 495 mm. It is the largest wheel hub installed ever. With such an elevation in materials chosen, S5 is labeled as a personal exclusive SUV scooter. Since foundation, the company is engaged in promoting green lifestyles among citizens and individuals. But with the birth of such a powerful product, it now enters into the occupational and government fields. S5 can be used by public security police, traffic police, and armed police. It can also facilitate the working staff in airport, warehousing and logistics. 

The second revolutionary product is A3. A3 has opened a new era in the Airwheel history. It is a brand-new edition. When interacting with customers worldwide, Airwheel company has received the advice of adding a saddle to the electric scooter. Now, Airwheel has turned the advice into reality. A3 has an ergonomic design which makes long-distance trip possible. Riders can either stand or sit on the scooter. A3 is integrated with more technological features and artistic design. It can be intelligently manipulated by back and forth leaning. An electronic brake system, original hydraulic suspension system and automatic steering-sensor system are firstly introduced into the scooter to ensure riders’ safety. A3 occupies only the one-tile-sized space and can simply make a 360°turning. Moreover, there is now an Airwheel APP to help you comprehensively master the ongoing situation of your scooter. 

The intelligent scooter’s reception by the world has been phenomenal so far. By introducing the two new types of intelligent scooters, Airwheel hopes to demonstrate to the world leadership behind smart transportation.

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