Enjoy the Best Ride with Airwheel Self-balancing Scooter A3

The progress of technology development comes from people and also serves for them. On a people-oriented basis, Airwheel has created a brand new self-balancing scooter A3 to enable consumers to enjoy the best ride ever.

Technology comes from human and serves for human. Therefore, as a designer, they should think on a human-oriented basis. They should come up with actually helpers for people instead of some random product. So is it with the scooter. 

The 2015 Airwheel product release conference has seen the launch of self-balancing scooter A3, which features a brand new sitting-posture riding mode. Unlike the traditional scooters with standing-posture riding mode, A3 renders the ride easier and more comfortable.

For office commuters, they can ride A3 directly into the lift and the office. Heavier as it is than ordinary scooters, it takes up no more than 1 square meters. Thanks to its rotating function, riders are able to move flexibly and never get stuck by the door.   

Since A3 is designed with sitting-posture riding mode, shock absorption is also taken into account. Using tires or other materials to absorb shock is far from enough. On the contrary, the electric scooter A3 adopts hydraulic shock absorber with spring outside, which can reduce the impact and vibration of travelling over uneven roads to the greatest extent. Besides, the saddle, made of breathable leather, looks cool and sits comfortable, which ensures the riders can have the best riding experience.  

Apart from that, in order to provide riders with a more convenient ride, Airwheel has developed an app to monitor the data during the ride. Riders can connect the app with the intelligent scooter A3 to obtain the information of the scooter, including instant mileage, total mileage, real-time speed, etc. With the information, they are able to eliminate malfunction, lock and unlock the scooter, set a password and control the illuminating lamp, making their ride more intelligent. Also, due to the foldable pedal of A3, there is no need for the riders to find a place for parking. A3 only occupies the space of 0.25 square meters. What they need to do is fold it and put it into a drawer-like place.  

Riding Airwheel self-balancing scooter A3, users can travel more easily towards a farther distance. Such an intelligent scooter with innovative sitting-posture mode is undoubtedly a darling to scooter-lovers.

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