Life Needs a Friend Like Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter

Airwheel released the new member of S-series on its new release product conference on June 18. The new member of S-series uncovered and brought to the limelight is the electric self-balancing scooter S5.

Airwheel S-series intelligent electric scooter was released last year. Since then, there were only two models in S-series, include S3 and S3T. These two scooters have prevailed instantly after their appearance in the market. To begin with, Airwheel has made some breakthroughs in the design of the S-series intelligent scooters. They were designed with two wheels, which used to be a ground-breaking feature among the industry. Besides, the outlook of the S-series aroused a sensation among consumers. It is featured by its fashionable colour combination and sleek flowing lines of the case. It climbed the climax of scooter career. As S-series has reach its culmination, people can’t help wondering whether there will be a new member to S-series and if so, what improvement could it have.

In this context, Airwheel released the new member of S-series on its new release product conference on June 18. S5, the new born in this family finally come out. S5 is placed as a personal exclusive SUV scooter. Inheriting some features from S3, S5 optimized itself on some factors. In another word, S5 is updated edition of S3 and S3T. 

Just like the S-series before, the S5 two-wheeled scooter is designed with the standing-posture mode. S5 is both strong and fashionable like S3 because of its sleek and contoured features. However, duplications will never make sense. S5 has been through all-round upgrades and optimizations.

S5 adopts 16-inch large tyres. Relies on such giant tyres, S5 is adaptable to any rugged road condition. Riding a S5 on a bumpy road or going down the steps is not an impossible mission. In terms of battery, 520 W Panasonic-made battery is adopted by S5, and if it is compared with S3, the former offers larger lasting power capacity. Electricity blackout halfway, once happening to other ordinary scooters, will never occur to S5. In the meanwhile, travelling for a longer time and distance will be a piece of cake for S5. Like any other Airwheel products, S5 with foldable shaft can be stored in limited space. It can be folded and put in the trunk easily. 

S5, as a new member of S-series, imaginably lives up to the public expectations. The new member S5 strengthens the family of S-series and showcases the diversity in scooter design.

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