A New Era of Airwheel A Series Electric Scooters Is Coming.

On June 18th, Airwheel introduced its two new family members, A3 and S5, to the consumers. And the Airwheel A3 is most likely to be another history benchmark in the scooter industry.

June 18th, 2015 is a crucial and historic day to Airwheel. On that day, Airwheel introduced its two new family members, A3 and S5, to the consumers. When A3 came into the sight of the audiences, it instantly grasped all people’s attention. Fans of Airwheel intelligent scooters were all desiring for riding trials. The Airwheel A3 seems to be the scooter born to be another history benchmark in the scooter industry. 

One of the most outstanding new designs of A3 is the saddle that makes the sitting-posture riding possible. The A3 Intelligent scooter offers riders a comfortable leather saddle, with which riders can sit and put feet on the pedals. The silica gel handlebars reduce the fatigue of riders for long-time holding. So the fatigue caused by long-time standing-posture and holding are all solved by the A3.


The Airwheel A3 inherits the advantages from other family members. The 450 W Sony lithium-ion battery guarantees a large power capacity and a long range. A3 can travel as far as 50 km when it’s fully charged. So now it’s no fantasy to ride electric scooter for a middle-long distance travel. The extremely energy-saving feature of Airwheel A3 makes it possible to cover 50 km with only 1 kWh. That means consumers only need to pay 0.5 euro for each 40 km. No doubt that, with A3, Airwheel will continue leading the industry in the future.


Although A3 has so many advantages, the public still worry that A3 may stop working halfway to somewhere. Actually, such misgivings are groundless. The SONY lithium battery with larger capacity guarantees a long range. Also riders can check the electricity status frequently for avoiding such problems. Also a good news has come that the worldwide famous smart car-producing firm, Tesla, is going lengths to develop outdoor power storage device. Hence, electric scooter riders will be able to reach the power stations and charge their electric self-balancing scooters. The bright future of Airwheel A3 is foreseeable. 

With so much breakthroughs, Airwheel A3 is seeing its own era nearer and nearer.

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