Discusses Market Volatility & Potentially Profitable Opportunities In The Market

Due to the recent volatility in the markets, the VIX has been spiking, and the SPY has been dropping. What does this mean for investors and traders alike? Alphatrends offers daily analysis of the markets to keep individuals informed on potentially profitable opportunities in the market and what stocks you should buy now

July 02, 2015 – USA – As of recent, there are many variables that have been dictating the current volatility in the market. This is a time when Technical Analysis can prove highly useful, as a Fundamental Analyst may be solely observing the action in the news. To some, it may just look like random charts numbers, but to a trained technical trader, Technical Analysis is a powerful tool to properly analyze the market.

The image above indicates that the SPY – SPDR S&P 500 ETF is at a key level of support, so it is extremely important to keep an eye on. Many may think that volatile times in the market mean that a trader should stay away from trading. However, this statement is completely untrue, as there are many lucrative opportunities in the market Brian Shannon of offers a way to properly trade in this bear market by engaging in low risk, high probability trade opportunities.

Shannon states “Instead of trying to find bottoms and tops in stocks, it is wiser to trade with the trend. A cheap stock can always get cheaper!”

This is particularly true as many have tried to predict and time the market, but most have failed. By having a plan and a winning strategy, individuals can reap substantial rewards from the market. 

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