MagKey — Magnetic Smart Key Holder is Successfully Crowdfunding

“We’ve been using keys on key rings for hundreds of years, so rings work but everyone hates the jingle.
— Vinny”

The most effective, minimal, functional, and simply the greatest EDC smart key holder for your jingling keys. Magnets for your Keys. Everyone knows someone whose keys are always jingling. The inventor of MagKey was sick of being that guy and discouraged with all the fancy “smart” key organizers. They all added bulk, unnecessary weight, made it harder to access your keys, or just didn’t even work.

Here’s what he said: “We’ve been using keys on key rings for hundreds of years, so rings work but everyone hates the jingle.” Enter MagKey: the most effective, minimal, lightweight, and functional smart key holder out there. Just peel, stick and snap. Voila – no more noisy keys! Exactly how smart key holders should be. With your keys locked in place, the obnoxious rattling is over.

Here are the specs. At less than .13 grams per magnet, MagKey is by far the lightest smart key holder out there.  At less than 1mm thin per magnet, MagKey is ultra thin and stealthily sexy as hell. No need for screws, aluminum housing, or complicated hardware. Don’t worry about what type of key you have. As long as your key is in fact a key, it will work.

If you don’t want to turn your keys into a multi-tool or cut them down into a switchblade. Most people have their keys on a ring and to be perfectly honest – that’s the way they like it. MagKey is the smartest key holder out there, period. No need to measure your keys, saw them down, or screw them in. Just peel and stick to each key, then let the magnets do the rest!

MagKeys is a little company based in San Francisco with the goal of redefining the way you carry your keys. They do so with the integrity and philosophy of always doing their best to deliver quickly, with the best customer service. It is a small team, but they give you big thanks for the opportunity to create products for you.

Mag-Key is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, you can support them and get your own at the link:


Media Contact
Company Name: The Wright Place
Contact Person: Dr. Letitia Wright
Phone: 9092359744
Address:3281 E GUASTI RD, Suite 742
City: Ontario
State: California
Country: United States