The Check is in the Mail now replaced by — The Check is in the Email

Merchants without checking accounts can now accept checks as payment for goods and services, in their store, online, on the phone, or by FAX!

Genie Gateway (OTC Symbol – WWAG) announced today that its online payment system, on which patents were filed in 2014, is being expanded to provide a method of check handling specifically for “unbanked” merchants who are unable to use a traditional checking account.

“‘The check is in the mail’ – you’ve probably heard it and said it. Unfortunately, in this world of unbanked merchants, where shopping online is a part of everyday life, and buying from a merchant across the world is just as common as buying from a merchant across the street, ‘The check is in the mail’ doesn’t work. Genie has solved this problem with ‘The Check is in the Email or FAX’; the new way to shop online globally, but pay by check locally, without sharing your financial information with anyone,” said Genie Gateway CEO, Thomas E. Skala.

Thomas Skala continued, “Genie offers five ways to pay by check; face-to-face at the point of sale, on the telephone, online, via email, and by FAX. When choosing check payment via email or FAX, customers can write a check as they would normally do when paying for their purchase, but instead of mailing it, they copy or scan their check, and fax it to (800) 846-8800, or email it to Payments received via email or FAX are posted the same business day they are received.”

Genie Gateway CTO, Stuart Scamman explained, “With the new features of Check22, a merchant processing a check payment at the point of sale, takes a check from a new customer, enters the basic information – account and routing number, amount, etc. – along with the customer’s cell number and email address. The customer gets a confirmation request on their cell phone. When they approve, funds are immediately credited to the merchant; the customer’s check is stamped “PAID with Check22”, handed back as a receipt, and the transaction is done!  Returning customers only need to provide their cell number to make their next purchase.

Genie Gateway CFO, Mark Newgreen, added, “To accept a check payment on the telephone all the merchant has to do is ask the buyer’s cell phone number, their first and last name, and their email address. The customer gets a confirmation text on their cell phone. When they approve, funds are immediately credited to the merchant and, best of all, repeat customers can complete their next purchase by only providing their cell number.”

Genie Gateway enables customers to shop with a check payment online,” explained Randall L. Skala, Genie Gateway COO. “Customers can use most shopping carts with the usual online experience, but with the extra feature that when checking out you can pay by check. When using the pay by check option customers are always safe and secure because they never share their financial information with anyone, unlike using electronic checks which requires them to give access to their personal information.”

Soon to come, the Genie CashBox – Debit Card, an extension of Check 22 that will make it even easier for unbanked merchants and their customers to do business without using cash.

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