The Goldgenie Luxury Brand Specializing In Gold Plating & Customizing Add Gold Segwheel To Luxury Gift Collection

Goldgenie is a luxury brand that specializes in gold plating & customising/personalising iPhones, gold watches, iPads, iPods, BlackBerrys, roses. The company is the pioneer of the art of Gold-plating iPhones in 2007 and their embellishments include 24k Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, solid gold, Diamonds, Swarovski style crystals and python skins. Besides offering gold-plated iPhones the company’s luxury gift collections available online include gold plated sculptures collection, Apple Watch spectrum collection, executive desk collection (gold-plated stationary item) and some unconventional items such as the recently added 24k Gold Seg wheel.

Prior to the taking on the challenge of gold plating a Seg wheel, the company has already accomplished the feat of gold platting and enriching a men’s British racing bike with 24K Gold. According to the company recently published blog post on the matter, the 24k Gold plated Seg wheel is a high powered electric uni wheel. It is self-balancing and has integrated the latest high-tech methods in aerospace transport control, fuzzy algorithm and a gyroscope system to maintain balance through body weight adjustment.  By leaning forward or backward, users can control the vehicle to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, brake or turn.  The left and right balance is similar to shifting direction on a bicycle by slanting slightly to the left or right and optional stabilizers will ensure you don’t lose your balance.

The stunning gold plated Seg wheel is a gold platting feat the company is thoroughly proud of. The vehicle has been embellished using 5 microns of 24k Gold and finished with Gold Python skin making it a gleaming one of a kind Seg wheel to travel in style or as a simple technological and gold plating marvel. The company is up and willing to take on a challenge to gold plate any household item. They offer a wide range of gold plated phones including iPhones, Samsung galaxy phones, and Blackberry phones perfect as luxury gifts.

They also offer a variety of luxury corporate gifts that are most fitting for gestures of gratitude, recognition or celebration in the corporate world. The luxury gift collection is available at: for ordering online.


Goldgenie is a company that specializes in providing customization of household items. The service is primarily used to customize mobile phones, games consoles, and household items with gold, copper, nickel, chrome and platinum plating, solid gold, Swarovski crystals and diamonds.

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