EE Automation Urges Use of CCTV Cameras in Residential Areas

Concerned with the increasing burglar cases in Malaysia, the executives of EE Automation are now advocating for the use of CCTV cameras in family homes to prevent theft and other house-related crimes. The mere presence of security cameras have been known to effectively ward off any crime actions in an establishment.

EE Automation has established itself in Malaysia as one of the leading providers of security systems, primarily in commercial establishments. Apart from the most popular CCTV cameras, EE Automation is also recognized for their gate barrier systems that worked well both for corporate offices and condominium buildings.

However, given the rising security concerns in residential units, the company has started expanding their services to homes, focusing on installing high-definition CCTV cameras. According to EE Automation’s record, a house break-in happens in one out of five homes in Malaysia. Fortunately, the company also suggests that putting security cameras in a house’ main entry point is one of the effective ways to ward off burglar.

Aside from crime prevention, having CCTV cameras at home is also one of the simplest ways to protect and monitor family members and valuable items within the house. With this, EE Automation is strengthening its campaign for residential owners to step the security systems in their respective homes.

“These days, we can’t be too complacent with protecting our homes. There is a need to always think ahead of the thefts of burglars in order to prevent any untoward incidents,” an excerpt from the company’s information video says.

For easier usage, CCTV Cameras from EE Automation also comes with a remote access feature, which allows the home owners to monitor the camera footages even when they are away from home. This proves to be a perfect strategy for families who constantly travel, as well.

Established in 1998, EE Automation has already installed a number of CCTV cameras to retail shops and offices. Businesses with CCTV cameras have been proven to enhance employee productivity and reduce cases of robbery.

“Since we installed the Super Guard Camera from EE Automation at our lifts, the cases of vandalism has completely stopped,” said Klang Lama from the Condo Committee.

Aside from security camera, EE Automation also has renowned reputation in Alarm Systems, Keyphones, Intercom system, and Door Access security installation.


EE Automation is the leader supplier and installer of various security systems such as CCTV Systems, Barrier Gate Systems, Alarm Systems, and Door Access Systems. The company has continued to evolve its technologies and has partnered with topnotch companies including Panasonic, Samsung, Super Guard, and SkyCam.

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