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On 18th June, Airwheel Technology Holding held its new product press release at Wanda Sheraton Hotel in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Airwheel introduced its new model of two-wheeled electric scooters—Airwheel S5. The improvements of Airwheel S5 make S5 the new flagship of Airwheel intelligent scooters.

Scientific aesthetics is now an indispensable elements to be integrated in the designs of intelligent digital products. As the industry leader of intelligent scooters, Airwheel has carefully studied the tastes and needs of different user groups, and designed its products with different styles to satisfy all user groups. On 18th June, Airwheel Technology Holding held its new product press release and introduced its new model of two-wheeled electric scooters—Airwheel S5. Many consumers still need to wait for their Airwheel S5 on the way of delivery. But with the official video of S5 introduction we can still have a detailed view of Airwheel S5 now.


Firstly let’s look at the control shaft. Different from the shaft of Airwheel S3 with LED lights, the control shaft of the Airwheel S5 intelligent scooter leaves no space for hollows and lights. Yet a foldable and lighter aluminium alloy shaft will be more durable and stylish, and contributes to a lighter total weight which in turn results in a longer range. The display screen and the handlebars have been modified with a more streamlined design, which matches the popular minimalist approach nowadays. Advantages of the S3 are also inherited by the S5, like the replaceable and upgradeable interface screen and silica gel handle bars.


Then let’s move down to the main vehicle body. A considerate design of the Airwheel S5 electric scooters is the handles on both sides of the main board, which make it easier to carry the Airwheel s5 up and down cars or stairs. Another improvement in the main vehicle body is the bigger wheels. The wheels of S5 have a hub diameter of 495mm and are driven by a 1500 W electric motor. The fore and back tail lights are reserved, which lighten the darkness and send out signals like braking and turning. 

Still don’t satisfied with the introduction here? For more details of the improvements in Airwheel S5, please visit http://www.airwheel.net/.

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