Unique Design Of Airwheel 2-wheeled electric scooter S5

Fresh blood was added as a new member of S-series on Airwheel new release product conference. Electric unicycle S5, the new born in this family finally come out. S5 is placed as a personal exclusive SUV scooter.

Last year, Airwheel S-series intelligent electric unicycle uncovered its mysterious veil. However, S-series only had two models. The two models generate much popularity since they were released in the market. For one thing, both of them were designed with two wheels, representing a great innovation then. For another, S-series experienced several failures when designed. Sleek and contoured, S-series is as well-made and durable as stylish. It climbed the climax of scooter career. S-series has reached a peak, so this inevitable leads to new questions: will there be any further breakthrough to the S-series? What is the future of intelligent self-balancing scooters?


The new product releases on 18 June has lived up to the expectation of S-series scooter lovers for the new member joining the family of S-series. The new member is electric unicycle S5. S5 is specially designed in the robust SUV style. There are some similarities between S3 and S5, but S5 also has its own improvements and refinements. 

S5 is still equipped with two-wheeled design and standing-posture riding mode. Sleek and contoured, S5 is as fashionable and stylish as S3. If S5 is just an imitation of its previous one, customer will not be satisfied. Instead, it is a modified and improved version.


S5 is designed with 16-inch large tyres. The large tires enable S5 to overcome whatever terrain it is faced with. S5 is capable of negotiating rugged terrain or going down the steps easily. In respect of battery, S5 employs 520 W Panasonic-made battery, which offers larger lasting power capacity and longer range than S3. Thus, electricity blackout halfway will not happen to S5. It has become possible for riders to ride S5 for long-distance travels. In addition, S5’s foldable shaft saves a lot of storage space. It is pretty convenient for users to transfer his S5 into his trunk when he wants to take a wander. 

Expectedly, S5, the new member of S family, fulfils the market’s prospects. It is certain that S5, along with S3 and S3T, will continue to stay at the peak of unicycle design together.

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