My Dear Airwheel Intelligent Self-Balancing A3 Brings Me a Brand-New Travel Mode

I placed an order of Airwheel A3 online. Several days later I received it and I was so exciting at the moment it leaped to my eyes. Here, I would like to share the purchasing and riding experience of such an Airwheel intelligent self-balancing A3 with you.

One day, I clicked on the Airwheel official website accidently and got to know various types of intelligent self-balancing electric scooters, which attracted me badly. What’s more, I read a piece of news that Airwheel would host new product release conference on June 18th, 2015. From then on, I started to pay close attention to the new arrivals until they really came out. I was really crazy about the new Airwheel A3 and I placed an order online. Today, I received it and I would like to share the personal riding experience with you if you are still hesitating about whether buying it or not.

I am so exciting when I see the well-packed box and I know it is my loved A3. When I open the box, there is a bag, specifications, power cord and some other accessories on the top. Below them, it is main body of A3. The battery unit and A3 body are separated and I need to assemble them by myself, which is an interesting process. After finishing the assembly, the figure of A3 is obviously different from other Airwheel self-balancing scooters, because I can sit and ride it, while other electric scooters adopt standing-posture riding mode. Then, even if I ride long distance for a good time, I won’t feel fatigued. According to the specifications, the adopted battery unit is made up of several 18650 SONY lithium-ion batteries and each capacity is as high as 2600mAh. The power density is almost 5 times stronger than that of traditional lead-acid battery. In the meantime, A3 owns much longer range based on such powerful batteries. From my own riding experience, fully-charged A3 can run as long as 48km.

Besides, A3 has a designed APP, which can be download from official website. I have downloaded it and installed it in my phone. Then, I can know the real-time data, including speed, remaining battery, running time and mileage via my phone directly. It is really a convenient and practical APP. All in all, riding A3 is really a fantastic and unbelievable experience.

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