Outdoor Riding Experience of Airwheel Intelligent Self-Balancing S5 SUV Scooter

The most beautiful scenery exists in the most dangerous place. Airwheel intelligent self-balancing S5 SUV scooter can be ridden on various rough road conditions. Here, I would like to share my very first outdoor riding experience of Airwheel S5 with you.

Airwheel new product release conference this year left me a deep impression and I was particularly attracted by the new arrival: Airwheel S5. It is positioned as the exclusive personal SUV scooter because of powerful off-road capability. I have purchased one and I am also willing to share my very first riding experience with you.


I have to acknowledge I am a real enthusiast of various Airwheel intelligent self-balancing electric scooters, but I am unexpectedly crazy about S5. After assembling S5, I find its figure is relatively larger to S3. After all, both of them belong to S-series. S5 also can be called the SUV version of S3, or it is upgraded S3. S5 is equipped with two 16-inch Cheng Shin tyres that are much bigger and wider than S3’s. Then, there is larger contact area and friction force between tyres and ground. That is to say, the tyres of S5 enjoy better grip and are more adaptable to various rough road conditions. Besides, the specially designed mudguard makes S5 more like a SUV. 

Before I have test ridden other Airwheel electric scooters, like S3, Q5 and X8, I feel that Airwheel S5 has much stronger climbing capability. The maximum peak value of S5’s motor is 1500W and it enjoys the highest output power among all self-balancing scooters, which paves the way for relaxing outdoor climbing riding. At the same time, the adopted battery capacity is 680Wh that sustains longer range. According to my own experience, I have ridden 50km under the fully-charged battery. Excellent range makes the outdoor travel more interesting.


In addition, the tail of S5 has two conspicuous brake lights even in the daytime, which can remind the following vehicles and passers-by so as to make sure safety. More importantly, other design details, such as sealed circuit, waterproof, dustproof, double-chip and dual-battery protective board, guarantee high safety during the riding course. After all, safety plays a key role during the outdoor off-road riding. 

After a day’s outdoor riding, Airwheel S5 is inseparable from my life.

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