Full-Scale Protection from Airwheel Intelligent Self-balancing Scooter

There are many people tell me that they don’t buy a scooter for that they think it is dangerous. Maybe they just do not understand the scooter deeply and well. If they do, they would feel the full-scale protection of Airwheel scooter.

It seems that self-balancing scooter is hard to learn and is dangerous to ride. The truth is not like this. In the new product release conference in this June, Airwheel introduce two kinds of new product to our customers, A3 and S5. Both of the scooters are especially stress on safe protection functions in design. We can say that the full-scale protection is improved to unprecedented level of Airwheel series.


As we all known that battery is the power core of a scooter. Airwheel electric scooter adopted the most advanced SONY battery that imported with original package. What is more, the battery is also specialized type for Tesla mobile. Such high quality battery should be protected carefully. Therefore, the designer adopted more than six types of the protection for the scooter. The discharge protection can help the scooter avoid being over discharged while the overcharge protection can make sure the battery would not be over charged. Both these two kinds of protection can make sure SONY battery get a longer service life. While in the riding, if there happens system default or mechanical problems, the internal short-cut protection can make sure short-cut would not affect the meltdown of mainboard and battery. The battery can be hot in the operation, how to avoid being too hot to harm the rider or the system. There comes the temperature protection. 


Not only battery can get such meticulously protection, our rider can be protected too. Everyone can enjoy the feeling of faster speed. But we do believe that safety comes first. In order to protect our rider, if your speed is faster than 12km/h, the standing board would lifted slowly to warm you of the potential danger. If your speed is over 16km, the slope of standing board would makes you hard to speed up more. In this way, the scooter can make sure you get safe riding. 

What is more, if you are not so experienced in ridingelectric wheeler, do not afraid of being hurt by the scooter after falling down. The slant protection can make sure that if the scooter is powered off. In this way, the high speed spinning engine cannot hurt the riders.

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