The King of Cross-country, Airwheel S5 Self-balancing Scooter

Most of the electric scooter are designed for using in urban areas. Airwheel scooter’s function of commuting in urban areas has been well known among our customers. How about cross-country scooter? Airwheel would not let you down.

As we all know that the self-balancing scooter are mainly targeted for urban commuting use. Many office workers ride it to workplace. It is very popular to own one scooter. And Airwheel is also engaging in developing and extending the product series. What Airwheel wants to offer is something that can totally surprise our customers. Now, it is time to embrace revolution and challenges. In the new products release conference, Airwheel introduced two kinds of epoch-making and revolutionary products, A3 and S5. As we have introduced before, A3 is such a unique model that can overturn all the impression about electric scooter. How about S5? It won’t let our customers down. This scooter can be called the king of cross-country for it is able to negotiate varied terrain (ramp, rugged path or steps). Airwheel Technology Holding Co., Ltd means to hail this scooter as the personal exclusive SUV.

Airwheel S5 self-balancing scooter is an upgraded and refined version of S3, which is also really an excellent one in the product series. What make S5 such a special one? There are many answers. This new scooter is equipped with a more potent power pack which can ensure long time power to support the amazing range of Airwheel scooter. The battery of power back is SONY battery that specialized for Tesla mobile and imported with original package. What is more, S5 is the king of cross-country activities mainly because there are two larger wheel hub equipped on it. The larger wheel hub can make the scooter an excellent cross-country power. Larger hub would be matched by wider tyre. S5 electric wheeler is equipped with Cheng Shin tyre which is of well-designed tread groove that can ensure better grip. All these design can offer our customer a more stable and excellent experience.

During cross-country activities, you may stop here and there. The scooter then should be lean to the wall or something else. What? You worry about friction on your scooter? Never mind. Airwheel has thought about that ahead of you. The rubber bumper strip on the handle of scooter can totally solve the problem. You can just enjoy riding the king of cross-country.

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