Live Online Employment Helpline Launched for Expats in UAE, UAE’s newly launched Job Website has launched a Live Online Employment HelpLine for Expats who are in distress with regards to their Job Hunt, Labour Contract , Visa or Employment Issue.

UAE The rights of expatriate workers are safeguarded by the UAE’s Laws, but most people are unaware of the level of protection to which they are entitled. As a result, many fall victim to unscrupulous companies and individuals who exploit their lack of knowledge, according to an advocate for workers rights.

The site will allow the public to have their questions answered by a lawyer specialising in labour law, visa, sponsorships, and more. The site will act as a centralised resource for people who are unclear of how the UAE Law affects them.

Most of the problems facing workers and employers are due to ignorance about how UAE Law System works with regards to Employment, Visa, and Contracts. “We need to educate people as much as possible so that they know where they stand legally before joining any company in the country,” said Mikkhail Vaswani, Founder,

Syed Husain, UAE’s Top Recruitment Consultant and Advisor for said, “People get into a sticky situation and then try to figure out how to get out of it. We’re trying to reverse this so that people know their rights, and they can protect themselves. The information is out there, but people don’t know where to look for it. With this tool, it will all be in one place.”

Through Jobbific, you can:

  • Explore job opportunities across all of UAE Seven Emirates
  • Receive SMS or email alerts about the latest job opportunities
  • Create and Upload your Resumes
  • Find Information on Visas, Salaries, Employment, Recruitment Procedure and more
  • Receive Live Online Assistance and get an opportunity to ask questions regarding your Job Hunt, Labour Contract, Visa and any issues you have

“As with all new systems, like new road networks and expressways, we recognise that the is not perfect at its launch. There will always be teething issues, but I think we look forward to future improvements of this particular platform. We welcome public feedback and will consider all suggestions when they make future enhancements to the,” said Mr. Vaswani.


Jobbific.comA unique Platform for Expats looking to explore and apply for job opportunities in the UAE has been launched. Expats will be more empowered to make informed career choices and increase their chances of getting a successful job match. currently aggregates jobs from across all Job Websites, Newspapers and Magazines. Users can search for Jobs By Keyword, Location, Industry and Type of Work. It’s appealing because jobs can be found in one place rather than spending time trying to find every possible place a job would be posted. It brings Jobs under one roof via one search engine.

The Jobbific Collaboration:’s major shareholders include Renowned Sportscaster and Entrepreneur, Mikkhail Vaswani (Twitter @MikkhailVaswani). Officially launched on June 18th 2015, is jointly developed under the supervision of Tech Entrepreneur Meesha J (Twitter @imeesha) and UAE Recruitment Expert Syed Husain. The portal has received positive feedback on its Sleek Look, overall user friendliness and up-to-date and comprehensive features. 

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