Frank Jorge Elias solidarity with Mexico for the offense of Donald Trump

SANTO DOMINGO – The Chairman of Super Canal, Engineer Frank Jorge Elias, expressed solidarity with the Mexican people and joined the repudiation of offensive statements against the nation that made the US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Jorge Elias says it’s time for all the peoples of Latin America come together to face actions such as this man, like other Americans, they have managed to make a fortune by exploiting many Mexican workers who are day laborers on agricultural plantations in the United States.

He explains that these plantations are mostly land that in the past were from Mexico like California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado, and in these states there is a large presence of Mexican people.

There are also very many Mexican communities in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Idaho, Ohio and Washington.

Donald Trump did not mind that Mexicans now represent 30 percent of the foreign population residing in the US to compare with criminals to men and women of this nation who cross the border to work hard in order to earn a living with their sweat and help increase the wealth Americans.

Jorge Elias argued that it is an infamy of Donald Trump call Mexicans drug traffickers and criminals who will bring corruption and backwardness to the United States.

He forgets that he has achieved wealth, like other Americans, is the contribution of the work of Mexican laborers working in agriculture.

Jorge Elias greeting the announcement that Mexico would not send its representative to the Miss Universe pageant offensive by the head of that contest against that people.

He argued that other Latin countries should support Mexico and not send their representatives to the competition that is used by Trump to increase his fortune.

And further all Latinos should start a campaign to repudiate Donald Trump, because what is now doing with Mexico, it could do in the future with other countries in this area.

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