OsMonitor Employee Monitoring Software Goes to Southeast Asia

The lookout for an effective tracking and monitoring software in workplaces has brought OsMonitor software system in the market. Currently a rage among numerous business organizations, the software application is now available in a number of Southeast Asian versions.

With companies realizing the need for maintaining a strict vigil over workers’ activities inside the premises of the organizations, OsMonitor Employee Monitoring Software is a ready help at hand. Unlike similar software systems that can be availed online for sale, this one is preferred for ease of use, functionality and a host of extraordinary features. Recently, four different language versions of the software applications were released for Southeast Asian market. Aside from English, the software application now comes in four different language versions, including Japanese, Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Vietnamese, much to the excitement of the entrepreneurs in the Far East and in Southeast Asian region.

Loaded with state-of-the-art features, the OsMonitor Software is a powerful and reliable one that proves highly useful when tracking PC activity records, system log-ins, kinds of websites visited aside the ones needed for work purposes including social media and other related information, all of which are indispensable when measuring work efficiency and productivity. By adopting the client server mode with one server, almost all the computers of employees in the workplace are connected through the local area network (LAN) or net. This makes it easy to gain information about web usage on workstations, applications and also see through each worker’s tasks.

Starting from blocking unnecessary websites, games, USBs and external drives, the software keeps a tab on chats/IM conversations, bandwidth usage or networking download and upload speed in real time, email through Outlook (also attachments and SSL email), screenshots or computer shots, file tracking and customization of file names and content can also be accomplished. With new language versions available, OsMonitor has already become a preferred choice for SE Asian entrepreneurs.

The recent press meet saw an official of the website saying, “It is quite profitable for purchasers to get this amazing software that has no end to the list of benefits it offers. We ensure high quality and you can be sure of being satisfied with our product that many industries have embraced. No adware, no spyware, so use it safely. Also, we are offering a free trial period so you can assess for yourself if it meets your needs.”

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As one of the best monitoring software used for a plethora of purposes by workplaces across the world, OsMonitor is a boon for all.

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Indonesian Version:  http://www.os-monitor.com/Indonesian/
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OsMonitor Employee Monitoring Software

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