App Foresight: Android mobile banking customers are less satisfied than their Apple counterparts

Following our Q1FY1516 review of the UK’s best and least like Apple mobile banking apps, App Foresight Ltd have run a similar analysis on the UK’s Android apps to see what we could learn.

The results of the UK’s best and least liked Apple Banking Apps established that Lloyds Bank Mobile Banking for personal use was very much the iOS winner and it seemed only fitting to check how the Android apps were doing. The full review is published in our post on the UK’s best and least liked Android Banking Apps where you can see that the high standards of Lloyds Banking Group have been maintained with the Lloyds Mobile Banking and Bank of Scotland apps sitting pretty in the top two spots.

Android banking customers are less satisfied than their Apple counterparts

The average score across all of the UK Android apps is a disturbing below average 2.92 stars, only the top four banks of Lloyds, Halifax, Bank of Scotland and NatWest get higher than 3 stars. If this were an exam, all the other banks would fail. Apple banking apps on the other hand get an average score of 3.07  which whilst not significantly higher is above average and six of the apps in the iOS review score higher than 3 = Santander (3.19), TSB (3.87), Halifax (4.05) , Nationwide (3.52), Bank of Scotland (4.53) and of course Lloyds (4.66). If we can fight the Android corner slightly I feel I should highlight that both HSBC and First Direct’s Apple apps are the only two apps in the whole review with an average  score of under 2 stars with 1.92 and 1.52 respectively.

Halifax Mobile Banking app for Android is the most improved app in Q1FY1516

The Barclays Apple app is like marmite to its customers where it is liked and disliked in similar amounts but the Halifax Mobile Banking app was even more so to its customers in the last FY. The Halifax app got exactly the same volume of 1 star reviews as it did 5 star reviews but this quarter there has been a significant shift in the weighting of both 1 star and 5 star comments. Firstly, the percentage of 5 star reviews has seen a percentage increase of 52 which is impressive enough on its own but if we look at where those reviews have come from it has been from converting 1 and 2 star reviews (down roughly 44%) to 5s and that’s a great sign of a company listening to its customers. If there’s a slight concern it’s the volume of “Nearly” customers i.e. the 4 star reviews. In the last analysis we highlighted similarities with NPS and how it was harder to shift passives into promoters than it is detractors into passives, sometimes with the same net effect. Halifax has the highest percentage of “nearly” customers out of all the banks so an in-depth review of what it would take to convert these customers into promoters is required.


There are slightly less (personal) Android banking app downloads in the UK than there are iOS ones but there’s not as big a gap as one might think. Based on estimates for the month of May there were around 750,000 Apple downloads versus 567,000 Android ones. Only the banks themselves will be able to work out the lifetime customer value or indeed the lifetime customer cost for each but it should not be forgotten that banking apps are primarily self help utilities, if a customer is helping him or herself then they aren’t taking up call centre or in-store resource. In telecoms we discovered that due to the relatively low price point of Android devices versus iOS devices they found themselves in the hands of those who were sometimes less technically able, and therefore needed more support = additional cost. Our view on Android is this: you need to spend more not less time making the experience better, simpler, more logical, smoother and fluid than you do on iOS because failure to do so might result in support costs growing such that the development costs make the app unviable.

We can see from the Android reviews that apps from Lloyds Banking Group and RBS Group make up the top five apps. Clearly there’s a focus on Android in these organisations and the other banks should take notice. HSBC looks to get as many Android downloads as they get Apple downloads and while they are the only bank that does the rest are catching up.

Don’t ignore the your Android customers because it will cost you in the long run.

App reviews analysis is a fundamental ingredient in the recipe that makes a successful app, for more detail on the research and methods undertaken to evaluate these banking apps, as well as App Store Optimisation please get in touch. Our case studies prove we can increase app satisfaction by as much as 100% with expert review analysis.

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