Dressific Offers Formal Dresses Below $299

Formal and evening wear often equate to expensive purchases, but Dressific online shop opens up a more practical option for women who are looking for elegant but comfortable dresses. All of the available dresses in the online shop are sold at not more than $299.

Women who are looking for affordable options for their formal wear can now turn to Dressific, an online fashion shop that specializes in evening and formal dresses. The shop features unique and elegant designs fit for occasions like weddings, promenades, and high-end parties.

Realizing the growing demand for such dresses, even among average working women, Dressific has made it a point to offer dress selections that are easy on the customers’ pocket. Despite being affordable, Dressific is likewise known for its red carpet ready dresses that are sold at less than $299. This way, customers no longer have to worry about overspending for a dress that might only be worn for one night.

“Sure, there are lots of cheaper dresses out there, but the quality of the fabric might be compromised. We do not live by the principle. We want our ladies to feel comfortable and elegant in our dress creations,” said Elena Sheen, owner of Dressific.

Aside from their affordable formal dresses, Dressific also regularly offers discounts to their shoppers, reaching up to $20 discount in their purchases. To make shopping more convenient for the customers, the Dressific team has already categorized their dress designs based on occasion, style, and colors.

Women who are concerned about wearing dresses with duplicates also do not have to worry when buying from Dressific. Every dress design is distinct and are tailored to the size required by the shopper. Confident enough with their products, Dressific even offers cashback and product returns if by any chance the customer is not pleased with their purchase.

Currently though, Dressific has been receiving positive raves from their customers. “I was reluctant about ordering my dress online. But my experience with Dressific has been terrific. Service was totally excellent!” one of the testimonials read.


Dressific is an online shop found by Elena Sheen. The main goal of the shop is to make every women feel confident and glamorous through the dresses that they make. Shop the latest formal dresses from Dressific at http://www.dressific.com/hot-selling-formal-dresses

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