New Web Service Launch: Network Marketers Get Help on Web Presence for Online Outreach

Having an online presence is critical to outreach when it comes to prospecting for network marketing. BizOwner.Website has launched a new web service to cater to MLM and direct selling distributors who have no idea about how to do online marketing. And they are making it a no-brainer for these marketers, both in terms of pricing of their service plans and their standardized yet personalized approach to being seen on the Web.

Multi-level marketing, network marketing or direct selling – whatever you call it, this has continued to enjoy good success in recent years. And with new entrants into the market, the savvier companies are quick to adopt the Internet as the preferred platform to do their business.

However, that does not necessarily mean the distributors or network marketers working as agents for these forward-looking companies are effective in doing the same.

In fact, BizOwner.Website has identified that many distributors involved in the network marketing business are not leveraging Web presence for their outreach to prospects. Because such marketers are mostly not savvy with the Internet and are simply going along with traditional prospecting methods.

This is their take: “Instead of just doing face-to-face meetings, making endless phone calls and sometimes bringing friends or acquaintances to preview sessions, being online has the clear advantage of having people locate and find you and your business.

“Plus, an online presence offers the convenience of directing people to a known place to listen to your marketing message and consume related information – all at their own time.”

With the launch of their BizOwner Websites service, the company has brought MLM distributors closer to the connected cyber-sphere where billions participate daily round the clock. And with service plans priced affordably at less than a dollar a day, the barrier to getting online has been removed, according to the company.

A BizOwner Websites Web page is a marketing page which contains fixed building blocks with pre-researched and pre-written content, all laid out in a visually appealing format that is mobile-ready. Any distributor using such a service can have their page personalized with contact details and specific links to online resources provided by their network marketing company.

An example of such a Web page made for network marketers can be seen in the demo here: This marketing page is designed for use by independent distributors of Jeunesse Global, which is one of the fastest rising stars amongst the newer direct selling companies.

The demo page shows how distributors can introduce the latest anti-aging solution from Jeunesse, known as Instantly Ageless. This is a new kind of instant makeup which can diminish eye bags and deep wrinkles in minutes; and the effect can last for a few hours. Women all over the world are scrambling for this miracle solution, leading to increasing online search by the day.

Having a Web presence, like what the demo demonstrates, means that distributors who are online can expect to tap on the growing search traffic, BizOwner.Website suggested. Thus, people are able to order the product as a retail customer; or can consider the Instantly Ageless business opportunity to enjoy better incentives. All to the benefit of these savvy distributors.

With ready-made solutions like this, network marketers can now easily get marketing help for online outreach. And gain a head start on the Web over those who are not as quick, while going further and seeking a much wider audience to prospect than ever before.

About BizOwner.Website

Based in Asia, BizOwner.Website aims to offer innovative but simple online solutions to help business people who have yet to establish online presence. Their maiden product, in the form of a standardized Web marketing page service, is designed to boost outreach for network marketing distributors, hitting the right notes with speed, crazy pricing and absolutely no fuss. They are calling it “Online Outreach in a Snap” for good measure.

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