Edible 3D may be a push of a button near you

3D printing technology is extremely amazing and has the potential of making science fiction a reality.
3D printing relies on the adhesive manufacturing system, where a particular material is layered in successive form over a powdered platform. Currently, 3D printers are able to use materials such as plastic, metal and resin in order to create the desired products.

The utility of 3D printing in only limited by the structural understanding of the object that we wish to print. Researchers have already experimented with different ingredients in order to make edible food straight out of a 3d printer. Food is made up of Proteins, carbohydrates and fats a perfect combination of all these elements can help 3d printers create the exact replica of different foods that are available in the market.

As the molecular understanding of scientists grows about different products in nature, the printing grows more advance. Scientists are actively working to understand the structural make of different organic as well as artificial foods in order to program the 3d printers to create exact replicas of those food items. If this technology is successfully developed it would change the way we look at food, every household would be able to create the food in the way that they desire with the required amount of nutrients and food embedded in the food. Researchers have been experimenting with artificial meat that can taste the same and have similar nutrient capabilities, there have been several experiments conducted by different food organizations around the world to develop the desired products.

Until the researchers are able to understand the molecular makeup of different organic food the 3D printers can still use a combination of different organic material in order to create the perfect replicas of the most famous dishes around the world. Each individual would be able to enjoy restaurant quality meals in the comfort of their own home with the push of a single button, there are thousands of different combinations that 3d printers can use in order to create new and more unique flavors that have not been tried before.

3D printing technology is extremely amazing and has the potential of making science fiction a reality. Customers around the world would be able to enjoy similar level of consistency and comfort without requiring any additional effort, all they would have to do is load their 3d printer with the appropriate material and leave the rest to the printer in order to present them a perfect replica of a dish that they desired.

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