Kickstrater Crowdfunding Campaign Launched For “The All” Action Adventure Game

Caret Games is a recently established independent studio which aims to develop new and creative “indie” games taking inspiration from classic loved games, the studio is currently developing a post-apocalyptic ARPG (action-role-playing-game) game which will allow players to play as the lead character the young dragon NIM on his adventurous journey of self-discovery and purpose. Caret Game requires funding and support of the generous online crowd who love and appreciate original and creative games, a crowdfunding campaign onKickstarter has been launched with a funding goal of at least $18,000 to be pledged by Sun, Aug 30 2015.

Caret Games developer Morghan Chadwick has been developing the game’s concept and design for the past 9 months, dedicating all his time and money on a world that would take players on an adventurous journey through a world unknown “The All”.  The post-apocalyptic earth on which the game is set on is vastly different from the world as it is known today; it is full of formidable terrain and dangerous creatures. Morghan describes it as a lush and wondrous world, a world that’s crowded with exotic creatures, each more dangerous than the last.

The protagonist of the RPG game is a young dragon named Nim, his motivation to plow through the All, overcoming obstacles and defeating the enemies is his hunger for growth and purpose. Nim is able to carry forward in his quest with the help of the deuteragonist ‘The Visitor’, who is Nim’s mentor and creator and guide. A major part of the game are the various interesting and forbidding creatures dragon Nim has to face in order to proceed further in the game. Defeating these creatures will win Nim various equipment and powers which can be used to in battle and exploration. Morghan has conceptualized and developed an assortment of such creatures, including bosses.

The money raised through the crowdfunding campaign will mostly be allocated towards the development of the game including game design and audio engineering. Rest will be divided among website maintenance and legal costs, taxes and Kickstarter fees. Various perks and rewards are being offered to those who make monetary contributions to the project.

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Caret Games is a new independent studio with the goal of creating fresh “indie” games with older game elements. A few examples of our favorite games are the Zelda series, Dark Souls, Dead Space, the Pokemon series, Legend of Dragoon and the Final Fantasy Series.

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