Portal Koperasi2u offers comprehensive loans info for government workers

Acting on the need of government workers for accurate information on their loan privileges, Portal Koerasi2u provides a clear, step-by-step information on how to apply for loans. The information made available through the website are mainly catering to all government workers in Malaysia, who have relatively easier processes to go through compared to other employees.

A record from Portal Koperasi2u reveals that more than 30 percent of the government workers in Malaysia are still not aware of their rights and privileges when it comes to loan applications. Several of these workers are trying to manage a paycheck to paycheck life missing out on the many loan offerings available to them, the website states.

To address this, Portal Koperasi2u continuously provides government workers with easy access to all the information they need about personal loans. One of these information available in the website to date are the various types of loans that government employees in Malaysia can avail, including secured loans, consolidated loans, payday loans, and personal loans.

“One of the things that easily discourage people when it comes to loans are the interest rates. While it’s true that some loans can come with high interest rates, government workers should realize that they actually enjoy lower interest rates in almost any loan types, compared to private employees,” explained one of the founders of Portal Koperasi2u.

Aside from a detailed list of the many loan options for government employees, the Portal Koperasi2u website also features a comprehensive guidelines on how to process loan applications, regardless or types and terms. Financial experts from the website also regularly publishes tips for interested debtors. Portal Koperasi2u also links its clients to various loan institutions for faster approval.

According to one of the website founders, Portal Koperasi2u understands that debts or loans are not always one of the most comfortable topics to discuss with peers. With this, more people are reportedly turning to service providers that orient them, while keeping their anonymity.


Portal Koperasi2u is a Malaysian-based company that provide services to help government staff in Malsyaia to apply for personal loan.

Their resource and services can be accessed at http://www.portalkoperasi2u.com


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