Beloved Jazz Group, Entourage Jazz, About to Release Third Album, “Things Are Looking Up!”

One of jazz’s most acclaimed groups, Entourage Jazz, is delighted to announce that it will soon be releasing its third album, “Things Are Looking Up!”.  Following the enormous success of its first two albums, “Straighten Up” and “Sweet Nights”, Entourage Jazz has worked tirelessly to produce a follow up that is even more compelling and entertaining.  “Things Are Looking Up!” is an homage to the big band sound of the 1940’s and is being produced by founder and vocalist Emerson Susan Corley. 

Emerson has assembled a truly awe-inspiring collection of New Mexico’s most celebrated musicians.  In addition to the preeminent musicians, this latest album will also be produced at the award winning, Eagle Rock Studios.  Under the guidance of renowned recording engineer Roger Baker and musical arranger Sam Reid, Entourage Jazz will lay down their new tracks 14th, 15th, and 20th. 

Production of a top tier album like “Things Are Looking Up!” requires superior musicians, arrangements, studio time, licensing fees, and promotion.  In order to create the outstanding music that their fans have come to expect from Entourage Jazz, the entire project is expected to require at least $17,900.  Entourage Jazz in partnership with Café Jazzed Music Productions is seeking financial backing from its fans and other jazz lovers through an Indiegogo campaign. 

Financial supporters will be able to learn more about the album and make a contribution at In addition to the knowledge that they have been a part of an important musical project, supporters may receive additional perks including CD’s, T-shirts, posters, tote bags, studio visits, and even a private performance from the band. Supporters who wish to assist this project in non-financial ways are encouraged to share their support on Facebook and Twitter.

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