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Frusker’s Countdown is a video game whose creator recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise development funds.

Frusker’s Countdown is an interactive video game that relies upon action, adventure and a cute character named Frusker who is racing to save the world.  “Frusker has only 30 days before the world is destroyed, and it is up to you, the player, to help him save the planet,” says the game’s creator.  “Frusker’s Countdown was created to be enjoyable and challenging, no matter what your age or what type of games you normally like to play.” Now, the creator of this game has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for development.

In this game, which has a retro look and feel, Frusker races along, encountering obstacles, as he tries to save the world from destruction.  As the countdown continues, gamers are challenged to find solutions to puzzles and other obstacles in order to advance Frusker on his way.  The game is appropriate for all ages and develops thinking skills and hand/eye coordination.  The game will be supported on Windows PCs, Linux, Mac and mobile platforms and will be easily downloadable from a central website.  With fast-paced action, challenging puzzles and problems and a cute mascot, this game appeals to a wide range of audiences.

Now, the creator of this game has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise development funds.  All funds collected will be used to finalize development of the game itself and then to launch it so that it will be available for users.  Located at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/114229643/fruskers-countdown, the Kickstarter campaign offers pledge levels from $10 to $1,000 and prizes ranging from a free copy of the game to a monster placed in the game at a secret level for the donor. 

For more information, see the Kickstarter page.

About Frusker’s Countdown: 

Frusker’s Countdown is an interactive game that includes puzzles, adventure and excitement in a video format.  Now, the creator of Frusker’s Countdown has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the development of this new video game.


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Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/114229643/fruskers-countdown

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