Eight principles that helped a man find peace when his daughter was abducted by her mom

How “Letters for Lucia: 8 Principles for Navigating Adversity” Can Change Your Life

WILMINGTON, Delaware – July 8, 2015 – 11-month old Lucia was internationally abducted by her mother, leaving David Brown Jr. shattered. In the anxious days following her abduction, David began writing Lucia notes, though there was no way to deliver them. These notes eventually turned into a memoir called, “Letters for Lucia: 8 Principles for Navigating Adversity.” In this memoir, the author revisits his experiences before, during, and after the abduction, which helped him create the eight principles for navigating adversity. This book is truly unlike any other. 

This memoir helped David find peace in the midst of a storm and he hopes this book will change the lives of others like it changed his own. He also hopes this book will bring his ex-wife to a place of compassion and allow him to be re-connected with his beloved daughter. Each chapter of the book is split into three sections, a letter to Lucia explaining the principle, his experience of managing through the abduction and a reflection of the principle and the part of his experience that brought it into awareness. However, before this incredibly moving and inspiring book can come to life, David needs help. That’s why he launched this Kickstarter campaign. The goal of this project is to raise $10,000 by July 27, 2015, and the funds raised will go toward the marketing, editing, and distribution of the book. 

To help bring this amazing book to life, please visit the Kickstarter campaign or click here. Perks will be delivered by August 2015 to all who contribute. 

This is an incredible opportunity to be a part of a special campaign!  Please keep in mind this is an “all-or-nothing” deal, which means if the campaign does not reach the funding goal then the project cannot move forward. So know that any amount will make a difference and 100% of the funds will be used as previously described! Help David Brown Jr. reach the goal by sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. The more people who know about this unique campaign the more support it will receive.

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