Outdoor Team Building Activities A Growing Trend In Malaysia

Team building experts from eEssence Adventure revealed this week that more Malaysian companies and enterprises are looking into outdoor activities for their team building activities. This includes outdoor adventures where employees can have fun while also strengthening their rapport with the test of the company members.

With team buildings conducted majority of companies in Malaysia every year, diversity in activities and themes is becoming a challenge for most companies, eEssence Adventure reveals. Being an established team building and enhancement consultation company, eEssence Adventure provides various companies with options on how to conduct their team building. 

According to the company’s website, the current trend that companies are looking into are outdoor adventures as a form of team building for their employees. This is seen to add more variety and excitement among the participants. 

With this, eEssence Adventure has been exploring several outdoor venues all over Malaysia where team building activities can be ideally held. 

“Outdoor adventures are definitely fun and memorable for employees, but from the organizing side, it can be logistically tough. We want to ensure the optimum safety of the employees while not compromising fun,” said one of the Eessence Adventure consultants. 

Among the top activities that companies choose for their team building are white water rafting, wall climbing, and obstacle race. Oftentimes, all of these activities can be done in one day. 

However, more than specific activities, eEssence Adventure has a number of team building programs designed to achieve a specific goal of the company. For instance, a company can choose whether they are conducting a team building for team profiling, for rapport strengthening, for problem solving, or for value enhancement. 

“Without a goal, a team building activity may end up to be useless. So a company needs to be clear first about the reason why they are doing it,” a consultant said. 

With eEssence Adventure, an interested company can choose from the one day, two-day, and three-day team building packages of the consulting firm. Companies may likewise explore a personalized team building proposal from eEssence Adventure.  


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