HAUDONGCHUN CO., LTD. ”JILGYUNGYI”, Towering as a Korean representative feminine cleanser

The vaginitis prevention treatment composite patent technology was admitted, awarded ‘Korean excellent patent grand prize’

HAUDONGCHUN CO., LTD “JILGYUNGYI”(representative Won-Seok Choi), female cleanser specializing venture company, revealed on 11th that its product JILGYUNGYI was awarded the ‘8th Korea excellent patent grand prize’ in the life field.

‘JILGYUNGYI’, the HAUDONGCHUN CO., LTD’s low stimulus feminine cleanser, which was awarded Korea excellent patent grand prize this time is not the gel type but the solid type. It removes the unpleasant odor in the body before and after the period and prevents the vaginitis.

Total 570 companies competed intensely in this screening and the best patent skill was selected in each field after going through the strict screening procedure by the jury. JILGYUNGYI had an honor of being awarded as its patent technology obtained by the ‘vaginitis prevention and treatment composite’ was recognized.

According to the company, JILGYUNGYI, the new-concept feminine cleanser, which was developed based on the principle that the female body keeps clean by itself through the lactic acid bacteria, supplies the lactic acid bacteria with the nutrition for the female body to make the lactic acid by itself. It can prevent the vaginitis, the biggest worry of women, as well as the cleanliness. HAUDONGCHUN CO., LTD obtained the domestic patent for this technology and registered it to US FDA and obtained the patent in China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Russia, and is fulfilling the patent application in 16 countries including Japan and Europe. HAUDONGCHUN CO., LTD is going to develop the overseas export actively such as Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Russia with this excellent patent grand prize as a momentum. JILGYUNGYI is currently being sold in US, China, and Japan including Korea.

Representative Won-Seok Choi from HAUDONGCHUN CO., LTD said “The reason for JILGYUNGYI to maintain the growth with the steady favorable response is because this technology is supported. We will not save the investment in the research and development in order to improve the product power of JILGYUNGYI in the future.”

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