Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute Offers Ground-breaking New Stem Cell Therapy Procedure To Help Over Fifty Percent Of Patients Avoid Shoulder Surgery

Amazing Stem Cell Medical Breakthrough Makes Treatment Safe, Effective, Affordable For All

Beverly Hills, CA – Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute has announced an amazing new stem cell therapy procedure that has helped over fifty percent of shoulder injury patients avoid the need for costly surgeries previously accompanied by frustratingly long “down times” and painful recoveries.

The ground-breaking procedure, preformed by Dr. Bal Raj, affectionately known to his grateful patients as “Dr. Raj,” involves injecting bone marrow from patients’ hips into their damaged shoulders, and has been generating consistently remarkable results that have included greater mobility and freedom from chronic pain than conventional surgeries have previously been known to deliver.

Dr. Raj has consistently broken new ground in finding alternative ways to reduce if not eliminate chronic daily pain in his patients. Board Certified in the United States, Canada, and Dubai, he has been named L.A.’s top orthopedic surgeon several years in a row.  Perhaps most impressively, he is the only Board Certified sports and joint replacement surgeon currently performing this unique procedure in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, in a warm and inviting state-of-the art surgical setting.
Widely recognized as being one of the leading doctors in the United States with expertise in how to use stem cells to treat a wide range of conditions and injuries formerly limited to surgical responses, Dr. Raj has been interviewed on ABC News, CBS, CNN, and featured as a repeated guest on the nationally acclaimed “The Doctors” television series for his “go to” knowledge and expertise on how patients can heal themselves using their own body products.  He most recently appeared to discuss helping a patient avoid bilateral shoulder surgery with bone marrow stem cell procedures.

“I’ve been amazed by the consistently remarkable outcomes that stem cell therapy has provided, particularly in all types of shoulder conditions, including arthritis, rotator cuff injuries and labral tears,” he states with characteristic exuberance. “It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before!”

The new shoulder procedure involves harvesting a patient’s bone marrow from their hip and immediately processing the material to concentrate the stem cells and growth factors. The material is then injected into the patient’s shoulder who suffers little pain and often much faster relief than can be realized through conventional surgery as the material begins to repair and regenerate damaged tissue. The stem cells eventually turn into cartilage, ligament and tendon cells as needed, and can not only inspire more rapid healing, but often greater recovery and mobility than surgeries can provide.

For years, Dr. Raj has not only treated patients with shoulder, hip, and knee injuries but other conditions in which patients have benefited from the curative powers his alternative protocols offer.  He has extended medical treatment frontiers in a wide range of areas from rapid weight loss, to using platelet rich plasma (PLP) therapy to treat tennis elbow to acute Achilles tendonitis.

Many of his most celebrated patients, spanning Charlie Sheen to leading professional sports athletes, swear by his work.  But ever the modest medical practitioner, Dr. Raj wants everyone to know that his procedures are not just available to the elite, but to average people from all walks of life, as he maintains a keen interest in helping anyone in constant pain to finally achieve a pain-free existence.

“Commencing July, I’ve instituted a new policy in which anyone with questions about a debilitating condition can always personally contact and reach me for a no-risk consultation,” he notes. “And in July, I’m including the cost of that consultation in any procedure to follow.  I’ve instituted this policy because my philosophy is that if someone is truly committed to getting out of pain, I’m equally as committed to helping them to find a solution, particularly through the innovative solutions we’ve mastered to help them enjoy far better quality of life than they may have ever imagined was possible.”

Dr. Raj sees patients from all over the country, and around the world.  Growing demand for his services have recently inspired him to open additional offices in Dubai. 

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