\”My Life in Christ\” Author and Speaker Stephen Ongo Promotes His Life Changing Experience of Living and Abiding in Christ

A miraculous story of a man’s journey from having serious difficulties coping with the sudden loss of his wife to a life full of incredible joy and peace found through living and abiding in Christ is the inspiration of Stephen Ongo’s seven book series. Stephen is currently promoting his recently launched work in which he elaborates how Jesus has changed every aspect of his life and now he just wants to tell the world.

Stephen’s personal story is one, which he hopes will spark inspiration in others to follow the path of healing that once altered his life for the better, forever. This change came from following and abiding in Christ and all His teachings flowing out of this experience. The deep connection with Christ and this way of life brought an incredible joy and peace that has never left.

Stephen was so inspired he felt like telling the world, heralding it from the rooftops so to speak and from that he did what he knew to do and that was to write. To make it easy for readers and for better comprehension, Stephen has decided to divide his series into 7 books, the series covers the following subjects:

• My Life In Christ (https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/my-life-in-christ-1)
• My Ministry In Christ (https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/my-ministry-in-christ)
• My Family In Christ
• My Church In Christ
• My Marriage In Christ (https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/my-marriage-in-christ)
• My Business In Christ
• My Relationships In Christ

Each book looks at the subject in context of the relationship in Christ, a variety of related topics are covered and each book’s outlines have supporting scriptures, illustrations, anecdotes and commentaries on the verses. Stephens’s message is one of hope, kindness and love, which now fills his life and uplifted him from all his sorrows when he found the meaning of living ‘In Christ’.”

Find the complete book series on: http://www.abideinhim.ca/ and http://www.inchristministries.ca/store/category.html

About Reverend Stephen Ongo

Reverend Stephen Ongo, a minister for over 30 years, currently fulfills his duties at the In Christ Ministries. He is also an author and a public speaker promoting his life changing experience of living and abiding in Christ.

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