Brain Vessel Creative presents: the Seven Seas Master Collection

The Seven Seas Master Collection by Brain Vessel Creative. Featuring select playing cards illustrated by Jason Kreiger and co-produced with Douglas Koozer. Presenting four exclusive  playing card decks featuring Pirates, Sea Creatures, and Master sets. These century inspired originals are uniquely crafted and present a myriad of fine nautical artistry.

This kickstarter can be found: here.

Motivated by the songs and stories of brave men and women, those who survived unbelievable odds upon the sea. Creating our kickstarter project kept us fueled as we weathered the storms of this past year. We have dedicated a journey’s worth of time researching and recreating the style and authenticity of our inspiration. The art of scrimshaw, the historic voices of heroism and villainy, and the exclusive concepts and collectables that set us apart from a singular deck of cards are all here in our kickstarter.

Themes of famous pirates, ships, sea creatures, monsters, and lore will engage a sense of adventure within your collection. Showcase your nautical anthology with a finely crafted collector’s box, aligning all four decks to compose a scene of epic sea warfare. Customize your treasure with antique bronze finished medallions, seafaring attire, and more. Relive the days of wonder upon the seas of fate, for a limited time.

Our hopes are not only to intrigue collectors, but to captivate newcomers who are not familiar with playing card artistry. You as our community are the main goal in a venture such as this. We want to broaden our horizons and instill a sense of wonder. Visit our kickstarter page, bring us any questions you may have, and most of all, fare well on your own voyage. Treasure is not always coin, for true wealth resides in how you share your discovery and achievements with those around you. 

“I wanted freedom, open air and adventure. I found it on the sea.” — Alaine Gerbault

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