Compassionate Care Act and why caring to relieve the suffering of thousands of seriously ill New Yorkers is a great movement

Under New York’s recently enacted of the Compassionate Care Act, five organizations shall be licensed to each operate four medical marijuana dispensaries in different counties and to grow their own product to be used for extraction of the active ingredients to be dispensed to qualified patients holding state issued identification cards and their care givers, for the treatment of designated illnesses.
In the past New York had one of the most aggressive policy regarding the use of drugs such as marijuana, but due to the immense pressure and demand of the local populace the authorities have heard the plea of thousands of suffering patients in the state and relaxed the laws over the medical use of marijuana.

Under the new act the patients who have been certified by a doctor or healthcare providers to require Marijuana in order to help with their treatment must register with the NY department of health in order to receive their identification cards that they can use to acquire marijuana for medical purposes.

Marijuana like all other types of drugs is extremely harmful if used excessively and lead to addiction and other health related to issues but in moderation and for medical reasons the drug could have immense benefits for the users, therefore the new relaxation in drug rules would enable thousands of patients in New York to deal with their pain. There are many proven benefits of marijuana that a user can attain from moderate use of the drugs. Doctors would have the ability to provide their patients with a much safer and improved way of medication in the form of marijuana. There are several states in the New York who have reaped immense benefits due to the legalization of marijuana.

Marijuana has the capability to provide huge economic benefits to the struggling economy and can also provide a safe and natural method for thousands of patients to deal with different diseases. Compassion is one of the most unique and defining feature that defines us as humans. Compassion is the ability to care for someone else’s suffering and pain. This compassion motivated the movement to let the voice of thousands be heard and relax the very strict rules over the medical use of marijuana.

The law has defined certain conditions that a patient must fulfil in order to get the medical marijuana. The first and the most important thing is to have a prescription from a certified doctor, who believes that the use of marijuana can lead to therapeutic benefits for the patients. The patients suffering from cancer and other intensive pain diseases would be able to get access to medical marijuana in order to help them recover and improve their overall health. Research has revealed that marijuana can be a very useful substance to help the users with the pain. The compassionate act is a great step in the right direction to help thousands of suffering patients in the U.S.

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