Kids in the House Shares Mindful Parenting Advice for Overworked Parents

When you hear the term “mindful parenting,” you might have a certain image in your head or you might not even know what to imagine.  Perhaps you see this: Two parents always catering to their child’s needs, transitioning gracefully from yoga class to an organic vegetarian dinner, listening to everything their child says, and absolutely never losing their patience. 

But we all know how unrealistic this is.  There are just too many stresses in the day; too many deadlines to meet, phone calls to make, errands to run.  But does this mean that we can’t practice mindfulness because we are overworked? Cathy and Todd Adams resoundingly state, “absolutely not.”

Cathy and Todd Adams are the co-founders and co-hosts of Zen Parenting Radio, using their programming as a platform to stress mindful parenting, especially in the face of a hectic morning, afternoon, evening, and everything else in between. These parenting professionals are featured on the Kids In The House website, emphasizing that communication between spouses is essential to navigating every days with kids.

“You have to recognize that your reaction is in response to your emotions, and not what your child is doing,” says Cathy Adams, Co-Founder and Co-Host of Zen Parenting Radio. “So you need to explain to them ‘sorry I acted that way, I didn’t get enough sleep last night,” shares Adams.

Adams recommends that for five minutes every day, parents “meditate” with their children, “treating the present moment just like [kids] treat the present moment.”

She also mentions that when disciplining, it is important “to stop, take a breath, and realize where we are.  It’s always the first step towards a better solution.  When we do that, we can see the big picture and make a better choice.”

Todd Adams stresses that it is as important for the parents to be happy as it is for the children.  If a parent is stressed, how can he fairly expect his kids to be happy?

“Many times I see a lot of parents pass that baggage down, they try to live through their children.  We need to do a better job of owning up to the things that we have unresolved because our kids are going to create their own bags, they don’t need ours as well.”

There’s no reason that parents can’t practice mindful parenting every day, no matter how busy things get.  There are little things in our environment that can show our children that we’re relating to them and not just shouting instructions at them.  If every parent can sneak these practices into his or her routine, we all might just be mindful parents yet.

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