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Each state in the United States has its own set of insurance laws that govern drivers, with Alaska being no exception. This information helps to educate on the auto insurance requirements in the state of Alaska and what they actually mean for both drivers as well as passengers. You will also find further information how the laws in Alaska can impact drivers who are looking to take legal action or file a claim after an auto accident.
For Insurance Purposes, Alaska Is A “Fault” State. Also known as an “at-fault” state, or tort state, this means that drivers and passengers in Alaska have a number of options if they are looking are insured in a motor vehicle accident, such as:
• Filing a claim with their own insurance company
• Filing a claim using the insurance company of the other driver, also known as a third party claim, and
• Filing their own personal injury lawsuit

The course of action that is to be taken will normally be determined by whoever is at fault or responsible legally for the accident. A driver that is at fault will normally have to take responsibility for the paying of property damage, medical bills and any other losses from the accident. The driver found at fault in the state of Alaska might also face suspension of their driver’s license or a number of other penalties put in place by the Division Of Motor Vehicles for the state.
Minimum Requirements For Car Insurance In Alaska are as follows. If you want to be able to operate a vehicle in the state of Alaska, you have to carry a minimum of insurance:
• Liability for property damage of $25,000 per accident
• Liability for bodily injury of $50,000 for each person and $100,000 per accident

The insurance for bodily injury liability till pay for any medical bills and other related costs should you be at fault if the accident kills or injures a person. The property damage liability portion of the insurance will cover any property damage that takes place in an accident when you’re found at fault.

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