Airwheel electric scooter with no handles Market Segmentation Is a Trend

As the industry leader, Airwheel believes that only market segmentation based on different demands can build up a more human-oriented and richer structure of self-balancing scooters. To set an example, Airwheel itself has launched four different series of electric scooters so far.

As the latest transport, electric scooter has attracted a lot of attention from investors, manufacturers and consumers. The market is growing rapidly day after day. However, there are so many brands and types of self-balancing scooters with similar functions and styles in the market that consumers become so confused about what to choose. This is a serious problem that keeps the industry developing in a sustainable manner. As a leading brand within the scooter industry, Airwheel strongly believes that the market must be segmented according to different needs so as to build up a more human-oriented and multi-layered structure of self-balancing scooter.

Market segmentation has higher requirements on the product derived functions and more innovation on research. As to Airwheel, since the company was established, it has been devoted to developing top-quality and high-performance electric scooters through constant breakthroughs and employment of new techniques. 

Currently the scooter market has entered the stage of stable growth from rapid development. Under the circumstance, Airwheel has conducted a lot of marketing research on the basic needs of potential customers. Based on the results, Airwheel adjusts its own product structure to satisfy the demands of more consumers. 

So far, the intelligent scooter by Airwheel consists of four series: Airwheel X-series, Q-series, S-series and A-series. These four series are developed for different needs of target customers. The X-series, created mainly for professional scooter-players, functions as a recreational vehicle rather than a means of transportation. Therefore, the scooter of this series is easier and simpler to operate and control. As to the Q-series, it is characterized by its stable performance and unique two-wheel hub design, which is rather suitable for daily commutation. When it comes to its S-series, it is another different story. This series targets the high-end clients including those young entrepreneurs, which is positioned as fashionable and high-end vehicles. And the newly launched A-series, undoubtedly, has been under the limelight of the public since its release. Its emergence ushers the consumers into a new world of intelligent scooters with sitting-posture riding mode, marking a milestone of the industry development.

Market segmentation is inevitable for the healthy development of the industry, which is also one of the missions of Airwheel.

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