Airwheel Intelligent electric powered unicycle–Rising Star in Korea

At the 2015 Airwheel New Product Launch Press Conference, Park Ki Young, the Airwheel agent in Korea delivered a speech at the site, stating the development strategies of Airwheel intelligent scooter in Korean market and the progress in the past one year.

At the 2015 Airwheel product launch conference, Park Ki Young, the Korean agent of Airwheel also stepped on the stage and addressed on the development strategies of the scooter in Korea and the relevant progress in the past one year. Based on her speech, let’s introduce how Airwheel has taken its root in Korea since it entered the country in January, 2014.

According to the statistical reports on Airwheelelectric scooter, it can be indicated that there is rising awareness of the vehicle among the public over the past year along with the promotional events launched by Airwheel.When Airwheel first entered the Korean market, it carried out a practical marketing research throughout the country on the communication platform of electric scooter lovers as well as constantly provided all kinds of chances for them to experience new scooters. Apart from that, Airwheel would offer after-sales teaching to the agents in Korea regularly so as to increase consumers’ brand loyalty on Airwheel on the basis of consumer-oriented service. 

In Korea, Airwheel self-balancing scooter is not only for daily commutation but also applied in a wide range of other situations. Airwheel has cooperated with some hotels and resorts to provide the customers with the scooter service, which will generate word of mouth of the partners and also bring the scooter into more people’ s life. Besides, Airwheel worked with the local companies, carrying out group lease activities at some tourist spots. These special services bring additional income to the local agents and more importantly, expand the diversified development of self-balancing scooter, which turns out to be a successful promotional event.

Airwheel has implemented a series of promotional strategies in Korea featuring cooperation with TV media, online promotion and participation in the big events. It also organizes a lot of localized events to encourage the agents to develop special marketing activities. Currently, Airwheel has already sponsored the A STYLE FOR YOU group of KBS TV station, promoting a green and fashionable lifestyle of Airwheel among the Korean young people with the good image of idols. 

So far, Airwheel intelligent scooter has achieved a lot of progress in Korean market. Its future development is really worth looking forward to.

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