Speak for Environmental Protection by Riding Airwheel electric scooter no seat

Air pollution control is no easy task. As a reputed company with social reasonability, Airwheel is devoted to making contributions to the environmental protection through developing eco-friendly products. Every rider of Airwheel electric scooter is actually doing his part to protect the environment.

As we all know, mountains, oceans and blue sky are all part of the environment we are living in. nevertheless, as the society develops, a series of environmental problems come up, such as water pollution, air pollution, depletion of natural resources, etc. Having suffered some serious outcome of these problems, people finally realize the importance and urgency of protecting the environment. Under the circumstance, such an eco-friendly vehicle as Airwheel self-balancing scooter has been brought into people’s life.

Traditionally, people use cars as a daily transporter. As a vehicle with a history of hundreds’ years, the car has its own advantages. For example, it can reach a high speed of more than 100 miles per hour. Also, it has much room for the passengers as well as strong storage power. It is fair to say it does provide much convenience for people’s life. 

Helpful as car is, it has laid some negative effects on the environment as well. Most of the cars in the market are powered by gas. It has not been a disadvantage until widely used all over the world. The consumption of gas generates a lot of exhaust that does harm to the air. Plus, as energy crisis shows up, people are running out of energy sources like gas. Therefore, it is of vital importance to find another substitute for cars.

To solve this problem, Airwheel launched its eco-friendly electric scooter that is powered by electricity. It doesn’t need natural resource as the energy source. Besides, it won’t emit any exhaust during the ride. As an individual transport, it is extremely small. For instance, the newly launched A3 only takes up less than 0.25 square meters. Despite its tiny size, it is able to carry a weight up to 120 kg and have a range of 48 km. As long as it is fully recharged, its maximum speed can be 16 km per hour. 

The worldwide environmental protection is underway. Everyone shall do his share to this great cause. When one is riding an Airwheel electric unicycle instead of driving a car, he is actually contributing to the environment.

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