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In any lab there should be a precautionary sign of stations students or teachers should be directed to in any case of burn or poison situations.

The etiquette of being safe is a precautionary measurement that every person should take. The action of being safe is daily embedded in our thoughts we have implanted in our minds since childhood. Growing up as children, we are taught to look both sides of the street before crossing, to chew with our mouths closed, and to know to not talk to strangers.

The lab equipment and safety etiquette is not any different for the actions we were taught at an early age. The simple rules will prevent dangerous chemicals, poisons, burns, and overall someone from getting hurt.  In any lab there should be a precautionary signs of stations students or teachers should be directed to in any case of burn or poison situations. Also look to see where a fire extinguisher and fire blankets are located in case of a fire or explosion. It is always great to see where the exit signs are located.

In the lab where there are mass supplies of lab chemicals and lab products, there should be a shelved or cabinets where these supplies should be stored in. It would be great if these supplies or items are labeled accordingly to where it will be housed in. Preventing dangers from chemicals mixing with one another or flask breaking are ways to prevent injury or killing someone.

Once these safety procedures are practiced, make sure there are goggles, robes, and gloves for all (no opened toed shoes). The lab setting should adhere to rules about practicing these procedures and also wearing safety gear before entering any premises that will conduct test or lab projects. The lab equipment and safety etiquette should be taken serious at all times, teachers and students should practice safety and make it a daily habit.

These rules mentioned are all common sense to prevent catastrophes, deaths, or harm. The safety procedures mentioned are useful for classroom settings (large or small) and are great tips to follow. Safety precautions are always a plus and that daily practices or routinely based safety drills should be implemented.

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