Startup Pitch Accelerator #PitchRev Announces the Launch of the National 2015 Event Series

Pitch Revolution happily announced its partnerships with General Assembly, TOMs, Lyft and Silicon Valley Bank with the release of its 2015 event schedule. Pitch Revolution will be lead across the country with the main purpose of helping entrepreneurs develop their company’s investor pitch. The opening event will be held at Atlanta Tech Village on August 20, 2015. The event will be featuring and attended by several key supporters and top coaches in the industry.

Pitching a business idea to investors is one duty that startups have to perform again and again to ensure growth. Unfortunately, not all startups and entrepreneurs are that experienced in pitching or constructing one that would result to great results later on. There are also several concerns that these individuals have to face and handle efficiently in order to ensure successfully pitching their business to investors.

One concern that is true to most was emphasized by Chicka Elloy, the Executive Director of Pitch Revolution. Chicka said that entrepreneurs tend to get so focused on building their business idea that in result, the translation of the message gets lost as they start selling the idea. This is one of the many concerns that are aimed to be addressed in the coming events prepared by Pitch Revolution.

#PitchRev is a series of one-day events organized for these individuals to be able to embody their 30 seconds to 1 minute message. Attendees will be practicing their pitch in a chaotic and safe environment where they can say their spiel more than thirty times while receiving immediate feedback from coaches and peers. The day will be concluded with a pitch-off for money and collateral.

The nation’s first one-day pitch practice accelerator in Atlanta is expected to be attended by more than 200 entrepreneurs who wish to leverage the event to hone their message.

Startups, coaches and entrepreneurs who are interested to attend Pitch Revolution which has confirmed six locations coast to coast can now sign up for the early registration. Signing up for the early registration lets attendees participate and receive real-time feedback, get one swag bag, one lunch ticket, happy hour drink tickets, and an opportunity partake to win prizes in the pitch-off.

Pitch Revolution was founded by Chicka Elloy in 2014. Presently, his credible team is now composed of investors, coaches and entrepreneurs who highly support the purpose of helping others communicate effectively.

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