Trickle Up Change Foundation New Book Hits No. 1 on Amazon Best Seller List

The Book, Your Debut as an Elite Thought Leader published by T. Allen Hanes & Associates Hits No. 1 Best Seller.

The Trickle Up Change Foundation, a non-profit community action agency, is celebrating the success of its first book designed to help community thought leaders step into the spotlight and reach the people who most need to hear what they have to say.

The book, Your Debut as an Elite Thought Leader, gives emerging thought leaders the tools they need to build a sustainable business around their message so they can “do well while doing good”, as Trickle Up Founder, Lorinda Snyder puts it.  In a recent interview, Snyder explained, “Thought leaders play a very important role in communities, both local and in the larger sense, but the time it has traditionally taken for them to reach their full potential and start helping people with their message has always been a problem.  Too many important voices never get their message beyond their circle of friends and that’s a huge loss to all of us. Fortunately, technology has created shortcuts for the process and we feel it’s an important part of our mission to make sure emerging thought leaders know what tools are available to them and how to use them.”

Released in June of this year, Your Debut as an Elite Thought Leader has been warmly received, topping five of Amazon’s Best Seller lists in just under two weeks.

The book’s co-author, best-selling author and Media Strategist,  T. Allen Hanes isn’t surprised, “Establishing credibility and having a way to get their message to the masses has always been a huge barrier of entry for those in the Experts Industry. Until recently, it could take several years of behind the scenes struggle just to get a little media attention and then a whole lot of luck to leverage that into a career. Now we can shorten that time exponentially and a thought leader can be firmly established in front of his or her audience in a matter of months. We’re pulling back a curtain that’s been hiding the secrets of authority positioning for decades… centuries, really… that’s huge!”

The book is available on Amazon and through the Foundation’s website at

The profits from all sales are being used to establish a scholarship fund to help emerging thought leaders collaborate and get the business training they need through workshops and the group’s annual Authority Conference.

Suzanne McIntosh, the Foundation’s Vice President of Business Development and co-author of the book observes, “One of the biggest challenges we’ve found facing most rising Thought Leaders is this belief: ‘I want a business and I want to do well, so I’ve got to do all of it myself, right’. Our response to this is two-fold. As we’ve traveled this path ourselves, we’ve found that a lot of people who are building their businesses get a lot of benefit from having a tribe… people on the same path who can offer advice, lend a sympathetic ear, and share their journey. We encourage building connections with fellow Thought Leaders and participating in groups where asking questions and brainstorming ideas is welcomed. As well, we emphasize the importance of being trained on the business of running a business. So many budding Thought Leaders’ dreams and potentially world-changing messages never make it to their intended audience simply because of a lack of knowledge and understanding of how to share the message with well-defined and fruitful strategies. With proper training on developing platforms created to continually connect and engage an audience, Thought Leaders enjoy the freedom to concentrate on their strengths, further develop their ideas, and reach more people.”

The Trickle Up Change Foundation is built on the premise that communities are fully capable of solving their own problems and creating their own culture given the proper tools. It works to build capacity in the areas of Economic Development, Creating Culture, Preserving Environment and Developing Leaders.

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