Launches with Goal of Discouraging Hookup Culture

Designed to Show People How Relationship Choices Affect Them, as Well as the World around Them

Washington DC – JULY 13, 2015 – launched this month, offering young people encouragement to avoid participating in today’s growing “hookup culture.” As part of the “Why Your Love Life Matters Awareness Campaign,” is designed to show people how their relationship choices not only affect them but also the world around them. The site was created by Kymo Dockett, a writer, mentor and activist who wants to highlight how irresponsible love life choices can lead to social and economic problems.

“While I understand that this is a touchy and, frankly, unpopular topic, I cannot remain silent,” said Dockett. “Millions of people’s lives are being destroyed because of unhealthy relationships such as booty calls and friends with benefits. Meanwhile, traditional marriage is quickly dying out in America. If traditional marriage ever dies and the unhealthy relationships take over, there will be devastating consequences.”

The site is launching at a moment of particular relevance. In 2014, the number of single Americans hit an all-time high, with 50.2 percent of the adult population being unmarried. At the same time, hookup websites and casual attitudes about sex are proliferating. This is potentially catastrophic, according to Dockett. He noted, “Because of the decline of traditional marriage, we see events like what we saw in Ferguson, Baltimore and other urban cities as many young people are being raised in nontraditional homes. Can we survive as a civilization with so many traditional families vanishing from the landscape of America?”

Dockett also believes that the Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage will add to this growing problem. In a recent blog post, he outlined the devastating effects that the legalization of gay marriage will have on society. Among the reasons listed are a decrease in the number of male headed households, weakening of the traditional family, changes in how children are raised and an increase in the number of children without proper role models. These reasons and others are why Dockett plans to encourage people to love gay people but oppose gay marriage. 

Dockett is a freelance writer, author of several books about culture and the former editor of What’s The Word? magazine. Kymo’s writing career has spanned over two decades as he has used his writing talents to promote Gospel Hip Hop and Godly values. He graduated from Liberty University with a Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling — Marriage and Family. Kymo is also a mentor in his community in Washington D.C. to many young men.

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