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The free DavidOsler.com Auto Insurance Saver Rate Cost Comparison tool helps consumers throughout the USA efficiently and quickly shop for better deals and lower rates on car insurance.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – The popular new free car insurance rate quote comparison tool from DavidOsler.com is rapidly growing in popularity nationwide as more drivers discover they are often paying much more than needed for car insurance. The free Auto Insurance Saver tool from DavidOsler.com is a specialized automated car insurance rate-quote shopping tool used all across the United States.

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Many Americans typically overpay for car insurance by $350 to $600 annually, sometimes more, for a variety of reasons. So, it pays to periodically shop rate rates and to check to determine if the proper coverages are intact. Many folks avoid shopping for car insurance quotes because it is time consuming and often confusing. But this popular service takes the hassle out of shopping.

There are certain factors that insurance companies use to determine the monthly costs associated with your car insurance policy. Some factors are fixed but a handful are affected by your behavior as a driver and a number of other key points. You can save significant amounts of money by considering the tips below!

Insurance companies look at the make and model of your vehicle, as well as the safety ratings it has to determine the costs of your premium. Higher end new models often cost more than an older car you’ve had for years. When purchasing a new car, these are facts you should keep in mind.

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You can lower the cost of auto insurance and prove your reliability as a driver by carpooling or making use of public transportation. Companies will usually offer discounts to buyers that practice safe driving habits and don’t take unnecessary risks.

It is important that you get coverage for property damage as well as additional protection against uninsured drivers. Property damage liability coverage is a requirement in almost all states, but it covers you against any damage caused during an accident.

Though it may seem enticing to cut costs with your insurance coverage, never opt for the cheapest policy. You may need additional coverage for your car if you live in an area prone to floods or fires. Cheap companies rarely offer extra protection, and the service they have is often poor.

Do yourself a favor and remove additional drivers from your policy, especially people that no longer drive your car. This small step can significantly help you cut costs.

Though some factors determining your insurance rates are set in stone, many aren’t. You, as a driver, can take the necessary steps by taking care of your vehicle and driving safely to cut car insurance costs. If you have a safe driving record or you’re in the military, don’t forget to inquire about any potential discounts a company may provide!

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DavidOsler.com is a leading online auto insurance shopping marketplace that connects consumers with select insurance company agents. DavidOsler.com operates the free automated auto insurance rate-shopping tool called “Auto Insurance Saver” currently available in most every state in the United States. The unique automated tool enables consumers to quickly access competing auto insurance rate quotes from a number of select top insurance providers who are competing for the driver’s insurance business, without being required to enter too much personal information. DavidOsler.com does not provide quotes directly to consumers. DavidOsler.com does not provide insurance and is not a licensed insurance provider but connects consumers with select insurance agents via its unique, free “Auto Insurance Saver” tool.


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