“Brash Wisdom — How to Be the Hero of Your Own Movie” Analyzes What It Takes to Become a Hero

HAMPTON, Virginia – Prolific writer Chris Rawlins analyzes what it actually takes to become the hero in his new book, “Brash Wisdom – How to Be the Hero of Your Own Movie.” This incredibly motivating book is the most straightforward and honest portrayal on how to attain the life that readers have always wanted without feeling fraudulent, incongruent, and out of touch with the people around them. In his book, Rawlins establishes why it is important to take control of one’s life and provides the blueprint for how they can achieve maximum success.

“I know how it feels like to be down. And I know how hard it is to find anything in this world to motivate you as much as possible to stand up and fight this battle of life,” says Liz Adams, who purchased the book earlier this year. “Everything starts with your thoughts and that’s the only thing you must work on. This book helped me to realize how I believe in myself and lose all fears and doubts.”

The book has received countless positive reviews. “Brash Wisdom – How to Be the Hero of Your Own Movie,” is exactly what the reader needs to become the hero they were always meant to be. It will motivate people to push past their boundaries and achieve the pinnacle of what life has to offer. This book will help those that are ready to wave the white flag up in life to regain their confidence and understanding that there is more they can do. It is still possible for them to become the heroes within their life story.

Finally, “Brash Wisdom” provides the best strategies for reinventing one’s self, gaining an unstoppable mindset, and transforming one’s surroundings. The goal of the book is to help give people the tools and resources to create the opportunities necessary to live life on their terms. This book is a must have and should be part of everyone’s reading list.

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