RIBA Venues — Tips On Holding The Perfect Multilingual Conference

Multilingual conferences can be a challenge but with the right resources can be hugely successful.

United Kingdom – 13 July, 2015 – One of the most important things with a multilingual conference is location. The venue needs to be somewhere with excellent global transport links as well as being large enough to be comfortable for your delegates. Central London is often a popular choice due to numerous transport hubs with easy access to the city.

Establishing a base language is the next step, with the chairman or principle speakers using this language for the main speeches. Different languages may be used for different speakers but it is important to establish one base language, which the majority of delegates will understand or at least have a translator ready to translate for them.

Room layout is key too with interpreters needing to be positioned in booths easily viewable to the majority of attendees. Interpreters also need to have direct eye contact with speakers and where there are multiple interpreters their booths should be grouped together with easy access for microphone technicians.

Ideally there should be a member of conference staff specifically dedicated to handing out headphones to delegates needing translation services as well as ensuring interpreters are well briefed with the conference agenda and where and when they will be needed. Interpreters should be given handouts and previous conference minutes to assist them with this.

Stephanie Ellrott from RIBA Venues, which does conference room hire in London, said: “RIBA Venues has decades of experience handling multilingual conferences and understands the logistical as well as the technological needs for these particular events. RIBA Venues is based in central London so has excellent global transport links as well as being a large enough venue to hold up to 400 delegates, speaking a whole multitude of difference languages. RIBA is the perfect international venue.”

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