Into The World Inverted: A Feature Film

Johnny Clyde and Stephen Grant are excited to present the Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter raising funds for the production of the feature film – ‘Into The World Inverted’.

The campaign has 13 days to go, and has got off to a great start with 24 backers currently supporting the project; however there is still a long way to go to bring the film to fruition. The team are therefore asking for your support and involvement to help them bring this fantastical feature to life.

‘Into the World Inverted’ is a feature film that tells the story of two best friends, Vivi and Violet, who wander aimlessly through the streets of Scotland one night, searching for the meaning of life. Throughout their journey, we hear what matters most in life through the peculiar perspective of several strange and surreal characters they meet along the way. As they venture deeper into the night, the lines between dreams and reality begin to blur. Vivi and Violet wonder whether they’ve somehow stumbled into an alternate night world that only exists when the conditions are just right. 

The team behind the film are an experienced and passionate lot with a clear vision and high hopes for a successful campaign.


Johnny Clyde has been working in film for the last five years as a director, composer, writer, producer, and animator. His work can be seen in award winning short films and feature films such as Raindance/BIFA Award winning ‘Strings’, and TV shows, such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Emmy Award winning ‘Hitrecord on TV’. This will be his first feature film as a writer/director.


Over the past seven years, Stephen has worked as a Producer, Director, Cinematographer and Editor on many international and local projects. He has worked extensively for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s production company, HitRecord, where he’s had his work screened at Sundance, the BFI Southbank, and the Toronto International Film Festival. He has also assistant-directed documentaries for BBC Scotland, and has produced/ directed work that has been broadcasted on MTV, NME, STV, and Pivot.


Michal Zagorski is an award-winning Cinematographer based in Dundee. Originally from Krakow in Poland, he has managed to establish himself in Scotland as a creative and promising filmmaker, in just a few years. He has won the KCA Creative Award and RTS Student Television Award, and has also had his work screened at the Sundance Film Festival and in Hollywood for Filmapalooza 2013. Michal is incredibly driven and has worked on many different projects from feature films to short documentaries, both locally and abroad, in countries such as India, Poland, and France.


Viveka Frost is Johnny Clyde and Stephen David Grant’s long time collaborator, working on various projects together throughout the years. She has a keen eye for detail and an amazing ability to bring the director’s vision to life with a remarkable and unique touch. Her work has been featured in films, illustrated books and photo-shoots across the world.


Taylor is an accomplished actress and illustrator based in Edinburgh. Originally from Texas, Taylor’s work has taken her through the United States and Europe, with her work being shown at Sundance Film Festival and various screenings in New York, Los Angeles and London.


Nina is an actress and illustrator based in Austria. Her work has been spotlighted on the online production company, with several pieces being used in productions and screened across the United States and Europe.

The amazing rewards available via the Kickstarter campaign range from unique mementos and artworks to supporting roles in the film. This is a true collaborative effort, involving artists and enthusiasts from across the globe.

‘Into the World Inverted’ is a fantastic opportunity for supporters of UK filmmaking, artists, actors and writers to support home grown projects and encourage top quality art in the UK.

To find out how you can support the campaign or get involved in the project check out the link here.

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